Friday, September 30, 2011

A Lovely experince

Is not what I had tonight. Tonight while my father and I went to the store we ran into a certain someone. His old dealer, who he owed money to. Suffice to say the konny and dad were not too pleased when he offered to "help us to our car". Cutting to the chase I had to go and pay the man $80, 60 for what dad owed and 20 for "late charges". It's over now , we won't have something like this to deal with in the future even if it did cost me all the money I had in my back. It just means dad has to go and pawn his tv again and sell scrap to a scrapyard and from that see what money we have left.

The irony of this is his is the only tv now in the house after mine went and burned itself up on Tuesday night, the same day I went and paid $100 to get some of our pawned items back.

Grr I'm just really hoping that dad is able to get a job soon to help with things, we just got a notice that the village wants to shut off our water and we need to pay 35 to keep it on Tuesday and dad gets his unemployment money Wednesday. What we're hoping for is  ajanitorial job on mondays that paws 8.50 on the 12 hour day. But that's perfect as it's just below the amount we're allowed before going having unemployment take money... will jusst have to see how things go I suppose

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