Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Love Letter to my dear ones

Hi.... Well if you're reading this it means you found my little blog... ^_^ Ummm this is to you my family.

I love you. Each and everyone of you. Alden, Asti, Jep, Arcvelesti,Silver, Kita, Krysta, Amber, Monica, Melody, DC, Casper-yes even you dear one, and the ones we've yet to meet.

We are what are are, and part of that is family. We may cause each other annoyance, sorrow, the desire to bop them upside the head with a newspaper. But that is what being a family is. We may not say these words much, may not even realize they exist yet to be spoken to one another. But they can and will be born....

This is hard for me to do, speaking out loud as odd as it may seem. I can be at ease when speaking but... to do this is hard since I do not normally speak up unless I have a reason- I am just content in knowing that one is a handswidth away. But that... even so I realize every so often that I am not one who speaks these words often enough to those I don't normally speak to.

So Everyone, those that I speak to regularly, those I speak with semi regulary, and those that can count how many times we've spoken on one hand/paw/whatever...

I Love You
I am praying and wishing for your joys, that you are able to smile and mean it. I am unable to do so much in this world, but these things I do each day. Each day a part of me is wanting only the best for you. And for that I want something in return,

Know That You Are NEVER Alone
I Am Here, We Are Here.

No matter what may be going on between us, we may be fighting arguing. But I know deep down if we ever need it we will give whatever support we can.

Words, Action, Thoughts, Emotions. We Will Share Them

With Love From Deep Within This Heart, Konton

PS: The stuff in the post before this, things have taken a much bettter turn

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